Founded in 2011, Beijing RETEC New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.(RETEC) is a consulting company providing products and technical services for renewable energy (wind power and solar power industry). RETEC offers wind/solar measurement +design and consulting service + third-party service + equipment and software distributorship as business structure.

Our company has a highly specialized technical team composed of experts in the new energy technology industry. The team has been working in wind power industry since 2001. It is one of the earliest technical teams engaged in wind power consultation services, and has accumulated a wealth of project experience. The members of the team are mainly from Bremen University, Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, Lanzhou University, Ocean University of China, North Electric Power University of China, Tianjin University, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications and other international and domestic universities, specializing in meteorology, aerodynamics, wind energy and power engineering. , marine science, geographic information, electrical automation, mechanical engineering and automation, civil engineering and many other fields.

Wind power consulting

In the field of wind power consulting, based on long-term micro-site selection of wind turbine generators and experience in post-operation evaluation, RETEC provides project planning, detailed wind measurement, wind resource analysis, and third-party microsite selection for domestic wind power project investors. (review), unit operation evaluation. At the same time, relying on the professional advantages of Design Institute, RETEC provides clients with comprehensive services such as project proposal and (pre-)research reports.


In the field of solar power generation, RETEC has become a designated consulting service company for a number of domestic solar energy resources development companies, providing photovoltaic project macro-site selection, optical resource analysis, refined photometry program, and third-party audit for domestic solar energy project investors. With the help of its own resource assessment and complex topography photovoltaic design experience, RETEC cooperates with the top domestic design institutes to provide customers with comprehensive services such as project proposals, (pre)research reports, and photovoltaic power plant design. At the same time, RETEC and European Solargis s.r.o cooperated to provide third-party bank approval advisory reports for domestic EPC companies' overseas bidding projects, banking and financial leasing institutions.